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Cossie packed

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 11 Jan, 2018 08:32AM
New Year's boxes ticked-
Back to work
Wet January
Off to seaside


RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 06 Jan, 2018 04:19PM
Nine years ago today ,I said good-bye to Rosie .

So what did I do today to mark the date - ordered a chair so I can sit closer to her portrait and wept over an article entitled ' How to take control of death '

The house goes quiet and so i hit the 'self-help' button

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 03 Jan, 2018 06:02PM
Have you heard of Byron Katie ?

After suffering deep depression , she experienced a radical change that left her joyful. Sounds a bit far-fetched or culty - yes I thought so too ..

But she has written it down , in what she calls 'The Work'.

Anyway after reading ''Katie has helped people do The Work on rape, war in Vietnam and Bosnia, torture, internment in Nazi concentration camps, the death of a child and the prolonged pain of illnesses such as cancer '', I took an interest , and also a moment of reaffirmation , that she groups my pain/ trauma with people who have endured such terrible, terrible things..

So to summarise ,Katie helps people from around the world to dismantle stressful thoughts, using a line of enquiry that sounds laughable simple when written down .

Just spell out your stressful thoughts, she explains, then ask four questions about each thought in turn .

1.Is it true ?

2.Can you absolutely know it's true ?

3.How do you react , what happens, when you believe the thought ?

4.Who would you be without the thought ?

It doesn't sound like much, but it's extremely diverting. She explains '' Most people spend a large part of their life thinking essentially ' this shouldn't be happening. I shouldn't have to experience this.God is unjust. Life is unfair'.'' She shows them it's much easier to stop struggling with reality and accept whatever is happening.

Of course the article goes on and on and I am not good at paraphrasing - but maybe , just maybe ,if you are anxious or depressed , it is worth taking a look.

Bad grammar , but you know what I mean

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 02 Jan, 2018 03:17PM
I won't bore you , but we ( well John ,Flo and I , plus Sarah and Gro in Copenhagen ) have gone down with the lurgy . You know the thing- high temp , coughing, sore throat , no energy ...and now i really am boring you .

Actually John and I are on the way up , less of a temp, cough , can manage to get dressed - by this time you're asleep with boredom .

Suffice it to say , we couldn't even face supper and Scrabs with friends on NYE , instead we stayed in and watched Nile Rogers , hoping for a glimpse of Freya and Jacob , jigging in the audience .Had to go to bed half-way through the fireworks as they hurt my eyes .

So I won't say HNY as it's a load of bollux . Said it last time in 2007 and have vowed never to say it again .

But I do send my love and thanks to all my kind friends and family who have made the last year a little bit lovely .

last day of the year ( in case you didn't know )

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 31 Dec, 2017 05:15PM
Too much to say - so I won't .

Suffice it to say we had a lovely time with the Thomsen Browns and did all things Christmassy - winter walks , indoor fireworks, games , more games ,Scrabble ( I know it's another game- but not easy when English is your second language ) , Karaoked breakfasted up The Shard and watched a horizontal snow blizzard below us , exhibition-ed , sang , danced ,...

Now ,apart from a couple of us , we are struck down with the lurgy. So It's NYE with a hot totty and 'Call the Midwife ' .

We know how to live the rock and roll lifestyle

Darren , I love the pink ...and the way it matches Grandmama's jumper and that you've chosen a picture of us sitting around the table in 2006 ( I think ) .
So special

hope you had a good one

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 26 Dec, 2017 09:42AM
We did Rosie proud ...
We did all the usual - ate , drank , karaoked, danced, Srcabbled ,Dobbled, table fireworked, pass the parcelled , but forgot one little thing ...

the Danish tradition of dancing round the Christmas Tree - although the night before we'd made an exec decision not to all haul Jane's little twig one into the kitchen , but instead to join hands around Grandma's pot-plant . Even then we couldn't be ar**d. Too busy , too in the moment , too happy - which is a really ,really good thing
Just one complaint .Is it me or have the hats in crackers got smaller - not in girth ,but in depth ????

No words big enough

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 21 Dec, 2017 09:52AM
Love you RGD

I can see her doing that now

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 19 Dec, 2017 09:02PM
I hope Bunny ,Eve ,Anna and Allan don't mind me quoting from their Christmas card , but it made me laugh

'' We were talking about Rosie today and remembered how she used to fall of the back of chairs...don't know why .Often when we doing art/craft''

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