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And the good news ,we're all going to be together in Amsterdam

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 12 Aug, 2018 03:06PM
You've heard it all before , but I'll give you a few clues as to what day it is tomorrow , 26 years ago...

It was lashing down with rain .We were in Lammas Park ,one o clock club .Rosie took all her clothes off and ran around like crazy and wouldn't come back to me . She would only listen to Lorna , who persuaded her to get dressed and walk home with me . We went to The Maynards and the kids did finger painting - we were all covered in the stuff . Sitting at the table, I went into labour , drove home and had a strong contraction while turning the car right into Mattock Lane , the car came to an abrupt standstill - someone tooted me and i cried . Grandma and Jane came over to look after jacob and Rosie and at 25 past 11 that night ,in Queen Charlotte's Hospital , the most gorgeous bundle of joy was born .

I send her all the love in the world

Not a recipe but a review

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 10 Aug, 2018 08:47AM
If you do nothing else this summer , sell your soul to see 'Little Shop of Horrors' at Regents Park Open Air Theatre .

I thought it was wonderful , wonderful wonderful - funny , relevant , happy, sad , beautiful, powerful, uplifting.

A ten out of ten from little old uncultured me .

Thank you so much for Declan and Neal for taking us ( and for all the other stuff too )

I think this is where Ottolenghi got his motivation

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 09 Aug, 2018 09:08AM

So every Friday after school she's instruct us how to eat our food .

Put a pea in each square of your potato waffle .Put ketchup on every other pea .Cut into squares and eat .

Author unknown

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 08 Aug, 2018 07:35PM
When we were children ,we'd be round for dinner all the time and I remember Georgina once not wanting to eat her vegetables .Rosie's response ,as quick as a flash was : '' what are you , a meatafarian?''

It still makes me smile

Chris Venting was the much maligned driving instructor

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 05 Aug, 2018 05:37PM
I've been de-cluttering and what happens when you de-clutter ?

You end up with loads of stuff to take to the charity shop/tip/ and you find stuff that makes you cry and sometimes laugh- and then cry .

Today found the recipe card box that Georgina kindly gave me not long after Rosie had died .People wrote down things to do with Rosie and food .As I said at her funeral ,Rosie LOVED food - tasting it ,playing with it , sticking her finger in it , playing with it some more and on few occasions - following a recipe .

This is one of the cards I read

''OK so on the morning after a gr8 night and Rosie and I had the munchies on a serious level and so we decided to make a fry up. Unfortunately all we had in the fridge was some sliced ham,eggs and a cheese platter from the night before , so Rosie , claiming she's done it loads of times before , said we should mix it all in a bowl and serve it with toast ( I don't know why I agreed to it, must have been because I was still tipsy from the night before )...anyway it was really disgusting and I swear I felt sick for 2 days after and it didn't help I had a Chris Venting sesh at noon .''

I think this would have given Jane hope

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 04 Aug, 2018 10:19AM
It's stupid and I am under no illusion that this is nothing but drivel , but I always feel a bit guilty towards Rosie when I don't write on this ...but

I only want to write if i have something to say , and at the moment I have lots to say , but am too weedy to say it . So I'm going to do what my friend and colleague , Paul M. calls a 'Brain Dump' ( is it corporate speak ? - if so it's pretty rank and it makes me laugh every time he says it ) .

....I'm very proud . Florence and her friend,Sarah , cycled the Dunwich Dynamo ,overnight last Saturday - yes the day the sun went in ,the full moon was no-where to be seen , the rains came and the winds blew a hooley. After a 130mile overnight cycle ,they arrived smiling, intact and happy - pure joy .

....You're hot , I'm hot , we're all hot and the hottest room in the house is Rosie's - bless her .

....Brexit ...''It's painful to see Britain buy into it's own imperial , nostalgic myth and fall prey to the resulting delusions '' - I'm not clever enough to write that German journalist ,Alexander Menden, is .

....Being an ostrich - regarding Brexit ,Trump ,the far right , the chaos that is The Labour Party , global warming , I am .

....Just watched the final episode of four seasons of Homeland , only to find out there are another four seasons .

.... A medal should be awarded to the casting director of Homeland for getting a baby who looks exactly like Damien Lewis !

....Thanks to all who have funded The Medical Research Council,Spinal Research and Wings for Life ,who are working on removing dense scar tissue blocking nerve recovery in a damaged spine thus allowing tetraplegics to feed themselves, brush their teeth, pick up a drink etc .

Melanie Reid writes ''Life has been hard recently ; behind a brave face I have felt fairly desolate.I speak here for 50,000 fellow paralysed people in the UK and for the 3 more poor buggers told every day that they will not be able to walk again : this news allows us to hope that in our lifetime we might - just might - receive an injection to restore a tiny bit of our lives''

Sex on fire

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 02 Aug, 2018 06:36PM
Kings of Leon on the radio - I still can't listen to them .
switched off and typed this - hopefully by the time i finish ,so will they

I'm heading north up the A12

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 26 Jul, 2018 09:08AM
Forget The Ganges ,Im off to swim in my spiritual place today , Walberswick . Of course it's not really spiritual , but ,I feel so close to ALL my family there- Geoffrey ,Joan , Jane , Rosie and as we scattered Janes' ashes there and Joan requested hers to be scattered there , it is extra extra lovely

I've done a lot of swimming in the sea this holiday . Three days ago ,it was in Eype , two days ago , it was in Birchington on Sea (never been there before ) . I must add that for swimming , I mean a few strokes then bobbing up and down squinting at everyone else then when no-ones around doing handstands - because only place I could ever do them was in water

...Anyway ,this year ,I've seen all sizes - big one ,floaty ones, clusters of the dam things and one even gave me an electric shock of a sting . But I really find jellyfish beautiful and fascinating and I'm quite stupidly drawn to them . A bit weird really

...Anyway ( again ) , the one thing that we always say when we are on a beach . the only member of the family who could run barefoot across the stones and not go 'ooh ow ooh ' and sort-of hop around , was Rosie . She was a tough old bird .

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