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keep calm and carry on

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 18 Dec, 2018 09:03PM
Some of the great mysteries of ( my) life .....

Why did 'First Dates ' allow a drunk guy to carry on with the date ? It just wasn't fair on his dinner companion .

Why did Alan Sugar let Daniel get to the quarter finals , knowing he wouldn't endorse his business plan ?

Why can't I get Sally4ever on Auntie Grace's ( now ours ) TV ?

and I'm not even going to bother asking the big , bloody awful blinding one about Rosie dying on December 21st 2008. Because I've learnt it's a stupid question , with a 'why not ?' as an answer

I'd love to go back and explore some more

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 15 Dec, 2018 05:44PM

We couldn’t have been in a more beautiful place than The Isle Skye to celebrate Rosie’s 29th birthday .
To be honest I'm a bit overwhelmed with feelings for her at the moment , so putting pen to paper is extra tricky - so I just won't bother and go out and eat some Korean food instead .
Back to the old manta- do nice things with kind people .Always helps.

I love her more than ever

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 07 Dec, 2018 08:00PM
Tomorrow we're going Over the Sea to Skye after we've hooked up in Inverness via Heathrow, Schipol, and Glasgow Queen's Street .

It's Rosie's 29th Birthday on Sunday and I'm so glad we can walk, talk ,relax and dig deep together . Being together is pure joy to me . I feel Rosie is with us and I feel safe - nuff said .

I'd never read the words of this song before , but they are relevant and sad aren't they ?

Sing me a song of a lad that is gone,
Say, could that lad be I?
Merry of soul, he sailed on a day
Over the sea to Skye

Mull was astern, Rum was on port,
Eigg on the starboard bow.
Glory of youth glowed in his soul,
Where is that glory now?

Give me again all that was there,
Give me the sun that shone.
Give me the eyes, give me the soul,
Give me the lad that's gone.

Billow and breeze, islands and seas,
Mountains of rain and sun;
All that was good, all that was fair,
All that was me is gone.

Onwards and upwards

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 04 Dec, 2018 09:31AM
Another December day , another adventure ....Hampstead Heath
Swimming cossie packed

Jolly japes in the basement

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 03 Dec, 2018 06:00PM
I can't think of a better way of spending my morning off , then bonding with 23 strangers in a windowless room of The Crowne Plaza Hotel ,Hanger Lane .

We all had to turn our phones off , not mention the names of anyone who attended and weren't allowed out until it was over in 4 hours .

Like everyone else I had paid £92 and got nil points ( the reason we were all there ) and yes it was the day of my Speed Awareness Course maybe ,because of my shrinking world ,I quite enjoyed it .There were nice people , loads of banter , respect , facts , interaction , very witty presenters and a lot of talk about streetlights ( VERY significant in regards to speed limits) and we're all trying our damnedest not to have to go again .


RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 30 Nov, 2018 07:41AM
Anyone see First dates last week ?
I love it and think the researchers do a dam good job .
Last week a 62 year old teacher meets 64 year old man - he has a dodgy heart , she has arthritis , they both have diabetes .He orders champagne , they get on well and talk and laugh .He asks her if she has children , she has - a daughter who died aged 28 and her name - Rosie .
I needed something stronger than the champagne after that .

You never know what's coming next....

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 25 Nov, 2018 07:49AM

We went to see 'Widows' .

It was good, although I think I'm pretty thick /shallow/weird as I preferred Bohemian Rhapsody - maybe I just like songs .

Anyway ,it was all going fine until-
spoiler alert - do not read on if you haven't seen it

we discovered the character Veronica Rawlings , played brilliantly by Viola Davis ,is a bereaved mother - her son Marcus was 19 when he died .On his gravestone was inscribed ....1989-2008 .I found it hard to engage after that
But today Dec ,Dottie and I have packed our buckets and spades and are off to catch crabs in Walberswick . Apparently they sell puddings in the village hall on a Sunday - what's not to love ?

Only one unaccounted for

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 24 Nov, 2018 01:58PM

Instead of guessing ,I asked Laura where the photos were from ......
''The first photo is us in the scorching heat waiting for a bus to take us to Benicassim. Then it's us in an Elthorne classroom smothering Amie Woodgate. And on the blog page we have a drunken night in at the Maynards' and a shot of me, Rosie and Ryan at Benicassim.''

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