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I think I saw that coach and wrote something similar last year

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 22 May, 2019 08:58PM

A 10 out of 10 Suffolk walk , which included a trip across the river in a rowing boat and a double seal spot.

A night in Benjamin's Britton's House .

Dins in The Anchor , Walberswick .

Lunch in Billy's on the Beach , Bracklesham Bay .

The first swim in the sea of 2019 ....

life is pretty dam good ...

and then walking past Elthorne Park , I see a coach with French number-plates . And I know exactly who that coach is for and it transports my mind back to around this time 16 years ago and all I can see is Rosie bouncing along next to her French exchange guest and realising that 4 days with her could be quite hard work and so getting in touch with Laura , who not only could speak fluent French ,but was also hosting a student, and arranging for them all to meet up .

She was a happy , joyous bunny, my Rosie.

* by us

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 18 May, 2019 08:38AM
We're heading west to unexplored (*)coastal territory ...Orford Ness .
My favourite sort of day , especially as it involves a rowing-boat

She admits to feeling vulnerable , which jane did all the time , especially in unfamiliar situations

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 17 May, 2019 06:06PM
Until yesterday I'd never heard of Sinead Burke, but now she's my style-icon .

No ,I'm not going to give up my baggy-black ( although sometimes navy ) - anonymous - comfy clothes and adopt a Burberry ,Gucci, Ferragamo ( never heard of them ) or even a Christopher Kane look ... but I'm going to follow her somewhere/ somehow .

Why , because she is beautiful and stylish and lovely and she picks her clothes off the rack and then customised for her 3' 5'' frame . Like my dear sister, Jane ,she has achondroplasia, which is the most common form of restricted growth, and results in wider hips and cruelly, curvature of the spine and she campaigns for one of the subjects closest to my heart , inclusion .

I could go on and on and bore everyone , but I won't . I'll just make a little detour next time I'm in Glasgow to see 'Body Beautiful: Diversity on the Catwalk' at the National Museum of Scotland, in Edinburgh .

It's on the very top floor

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 14 May, 2019 05:37PM

Portraits of Grit photographic exhibition at The Lyric Theatre now until Friday lunchtime .

Pop in if you can .

31 years ago today and I couldn't have been happier

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 12 May, 2019 08:44AM
My boy is 31 today ...

and as I walk down the Thames towpath with Johnnie and some dear friends who have know him since the day he was born , I will thrown in a pebble and hope my ripples of love run all the way east to Southend , across The English Channel , up The Amstel and right up to whichever little canal he happens to be sitting next to at the time .

What a great little community we live in

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 11 May, 2019 10:49PM
Along with half of Hanwell, I had the great privilege of seeing The Missing People Choir sing Birdy's 'Wings' at St Melitus Church this evening .

It once one of the most moving performances I have ever seen . The song was introduced by Ros Hodgkiss, the mother of Alice Goss ,who went missing in Hanwell five years ago .

The Missing People Choir is made up of people with missing loved ones, alongside staff and supporters of the charity Missing People .

Two years ago they got to the final s of Britain's Got Talent . As they sung ,appeals for their missing loved ones ran on screen behind them. It was quite something .Tonight they told us that this prompted some of their loved ones to contact them.

I don't think there was a dry eye in the church .

I know I'm always plugging things , but it's only because these people are special and have suffered and continue to suffer and when things get into my gash , I want to shout out their cause/plight/pain . Don't know why , guess I feel a little bit of solidarity in hope.

Anyway , if you have 3 minutes ..........

Daisy Haggard - what a star

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 07 May, 2019 03:25PM
Sorry , I'm still drawn to it .

Did anyone read the article in Sunday's Times magazine ?

' Please tell me , I said slowly.Did the brick hit her head ?'

It was a piece by the writer ,Jayson Greene , on the unbearable agony of losing his daughter in a freak accident .

Of course I did . Then I got to think of what other people would think when they read it . And of course ,I judged ,jumped to conclusions and made assumptions that most people would think .... how sad , how awful , how tragic ...and then get on with their day to day stuff .

Meanwhile , I read it , and I think ...

another heart broken

he's in my cliche of a stupid club

how can he remember that level of detail ?

How can he bear to write it down ?

How can he bear to share it ?

Then I have a little weep and watch 'Back to Life' - which made me laugh a lot and for a little while distracted me from Greta's death and Rosie's death , and gave my brain a little rest .

Please look ( and like -if , in fact, you do )

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 05 May, 2019 03:33PM
Instagram - it's a funny old thing . I think I'm called a lurker .I don't post anything , but I look at stuff .

I hooked up after having a drink with some of Rosies' friends in a pub in Shoreditch ( did I get carried away by the hipster vibe ?) after seeing a viewing of Jacob's film ( arty vibe ?) .

They were all talking about Holly's amazing drawings , and I was kindly told ,that to see stuff like that , it is best to go on Insta . I did as I was told , signed up , logged on , fell in love with Holly's pictures and...then started following other stuff which made me feel in awe / inadequate /a looser/ a voyeur / happy/ bored / impressed / envious /shocked/ etc etc .

Anyway , recently I have been working with other special schools on the WLIAF - West London Inclusive Arts Festival , and through this collaboration , I have met up and have been working with a wonderful parent of a SEN student from a different school . This parent is a photographer and as part of the Festival , has been meeting with other parents and carers of SEN young people , taking photos ,hearing their powerful stories and presenting them in word and photographic form .

With their permission , they are to be displayed at The Lyric Theatre , and also on Instagram .

So please , please look at Portraits of Grit

as it is a project very close to my heart and one , of which I am very proud.

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