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RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 12 Mar, 2018 06:20PM
Call me crass ,shallow,thick ..but I love 'Call the Midwife .I think I've watched very one with the exception of the last three . Healthy,young Barbara being diagnosed with septicaemia. Barbara dying of septicaemia .Everyone grieving for Barbara who died , too young ,too soon .Even the nuns and her vicar husband couldn't make sense of it .

Then there's The Archers - Nic Grundy , a young woman died suddenly of septicaemia . A few friends advised me not to listen , so I didn't and then caught a bit pre Desert Island Discs , all about grieving .

I'm sticking with my Nordic Noir - only 2 left off 'before We Die' - edge of your seat , mafia type programme .Despite the title , very good for a sad brain

Mothering Sunday

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 11 Mar, 2018 05:34PM
Thank you to Alice ,for making my morning special .

To Lorenzo,Michele and Simone for my flowers and for educating me on visiting another city and staying with a host family , when you have Down's Syndrome .

To Emerald for getting me to the River Chess and to John for driving her there .

But most of all to Jacob and Florence for their messages .Cannee wait to see you

It sits in the middle of the Neue Wache

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 01 Mar, 2018 12:22PM

'Mother and Her Dead Son '

I have just listened to a programme about Kaethe Kollwitz's sculpture and I was so moved ,then so cross, then so moved , I have sent my first personal tweet to the producer ,Lucy Lunt .

I was moved ,because they described all My Compassionate Friends and of course ,Me.
The sculpture shows the pain a mother feels when her child dies and it was observed to be powerful expression of the loneliness of grief, plus loads more other stuff I'm not really strong enough to type .

Then right in the middle of it ,Lucy talks about her reflections on her Mother's death .Yes ,it is sad , but absolutely categorically ,no comparison .

Why do people always have to bring it back to themselves ?

Feb pics

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 27 Feb, 2018 06:41PM

Thanks Darren , fab photos and fab colour ..

The first was taken in NYC ,I'm pretty sure around this time of year in 2007 ( I think )

The second , must have been taken in 2008 ( I can tell by her fringe ) ,I have no idea where .But we do have a beautiful painting of it ,by Jo , on the top landing of 106 .

The third is in a Wetherspoons ( or similar ) I guess . I don't know who took it .

So beautiful and so very happy . Makes me want to scream with sadness


RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 25 Feb, 2018 02:56PM
Thank you to Jacob and Florence for an amazing Lithuanian adventure and for keeping me upright in minus 14 temperatures with thick snow, covering sheet-ice underfoot . I have a huge fear of breaking bones .Grandma broke practically every bone in her body and it was always an effort to bounce back , which she did - but never as high . I don't even want to attempt to bounce , just stay vertical . I am a weedy cautious wimp in those conditions - sorry .

Anyway back to Vilnius - I loved it , loved it ,loved it .

It is small and spotless and cheaper than London , and it has snow and beautiful buildings and huge Negronis for 6 Euros and dumplings and the River Neris and Russian Orthodox churches and Dimitri and Georgian/Russian/Lithuanian food and the best bar I have been to in years ,Spunka ( I jest not ) in the republic of Uzupio , which sells the strongest IPA I have ever drunk and hunks of cheese and garlic bread for 4 Euros and the most beautiful walk through the hilly pine forest from The Tys Kryziai( The Three Crosses ) ...

.......and of course 'Rupert' where Jacob is doing his residency .Stunningly beautiful , both the studio space and the outlook ( snow, river , pine forest - you get the picture ) what a fabulous space to create in .I am very very happy for him and very very proud of him.

winter drawers on

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 20 Feb, 2018 06:11PM
Florence and I are jetting off to Lithuania tom to see Jacob .
Cannee wait,woop woop !

As written by Hadley Freeman in yesterday's paper - it even makes me uspet and it's talking about me

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 18 Feb, 2018 04:50PM

There is a Korean proverb that says, “When a parent dies, they are buried in the ground. When a child dies, they are buried in the parent’s heart.” When I look at the faces of parents who have lost a child, it is clear they have buried that child not just in their heart, but in their lips, eyes and skin, too.

I didn't bother watching

RosiePosted by Rachel Dwyer 14 Feb, 2018 08:57AM
''Mike Barlett's new series,'Trauma', painfully presses our noses up against the window of parental grief ''

So says Julia Raeside

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